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“We give the edge to Fickes, in part because of the variety of his experience over 24 years. Fickes has been a prosecutor, represented plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of civil cases, and civil regulatory enforcement matters when he worked at the Securities and Exchange Commission. He has represented the government, individuals, farmers, whistleblowers, small businesses, and large corporations. He served for over a year on the Court Appointed Attorneys Program administered by the Alameda County Bar Association, to represent indigent criminal defendants in situations that disqualified the Alameda County Public Defender's office due to a conflict. He continues to handle occasional criminal cases pro bono even though he is no longer on the CAAP panel.” - Bay Area Reporter Editorial

“Mark Fickes has the balance and depth of experience we need on the Superior Court. Mark is out and proud. When he started his legal practice, discrimination against the LGBTQ community was still the law of the land, and he continues to strive for equality and justice for all. I enthusiastically endorse Mark Fickes for Judge.” - Scott Wiener, State Senator

“Mark Fickes has stood up for victims of discrimination throughout his career. He has practiced almost every type of law, and would serve as an excellent Alameda County judge. I trust Mark to be fair, just and impartial.” - Rob Bonta, State Assemblymember

“Mark Fickes has the sound judgment needed to be an excellent Superior Court Judge. He’ll treat everyone in his court with dignity and compassion. Our public health crisis is straining the county court system, and I trust that Mark Fickes will be ready to address the backlog of cases that will come to his bench.” - Bill Quirk, State Assemblymember

“Alameda County courts have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and Mark Fickes has the experience and temperament to work through cases efficiently and justly as a newly elected judge. He was a professional and thoughtful opponent in our primary election. I encourage my supporters to cast their ballots for Mark Fickes in November.” - Hon. Lilla Julia Szelenyi, Alameda County Workers Compensation Judge

“We need judges who are fair, inclusive, and of even temperament. Mark Fickes is all of those things. Importantly, as a gay man and as a descendent of Jews who escaped the Holocaust, he knows the value of justice for every one of us. Mark will bring diversity to the bench and an understanding that our values are important in interpreting the letter of the law.” - Shawn Kumagai, City Councilmember, Dublin

“Mark Fickes has over 24 years of experience in both civil and criminal law, and has argued cases at the county, state and federal level. I trust him to be a fair and impartial judge. Mark Fickes has the experience we need in our courts.” - Hon. Tara Flanagan, Alameda County Superior Court Judge

“Mark Fickes isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right. He’s put abusers and white collar criminals in prison, and he’s stood up for underdogs who otherwise might not have received justice. This diversity of experience is exactly what we need from an Alameda County Superior Court judge.” - Victor Aguilar, Jr., City Councilmember, San Leandro

“The Mark Fickes I know is a civic-minded father, synagogue teacher, and long-time public servant who has worked tirelessly for worthy causes like fighting hunger, combatting domestic violence, and ending HIV/AIDS. These are the values we can have on the Alameda County Superior Court by electing him as Judge.” Dan Kalb, City Councilmember, Oakland


Alameda County Democratic Party Bay Area Reporter Endorses Mark Fickes for Judge

Alameda County Democratic Party
California Democratic Party
Alameda County Democratic Lawyers Club
Green Party of Alameda County
Bay Area Reporter
Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County
Brownie Mary Democratic Club
Tri-Valley Democratic Club
Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom (BALIF)
Sheet Metal Workers' Local 104
Hayward Area Democratic Club

Elected Officials

Scott Wiener, State Senator (SD-11)
Rob Bonta, State Assemblymember (AD-18)
Bill Quirk, State Assemblymember (AD-20)
Keith Carson, Alameda County Supervisor for District 5
L. Karen Monroe, Alameda County Superintendent of Schools
Jody London, President, Oakland Unified School District
Barbara Halliday, Mayor, Hayward
David Haubert, Mayor, Dublin
Lily Mei, Mayor, City of Fremont
Nick Pilch, Mayor, Albany
Peggy McQuaid, Vice-Mayor, Albany
Jim Oddie, City Councilmember, Alameda
Rochelle Nason, Councilmember, Albany
Ben Bartlett, City Councilmember, Berkeley
Rigel Robinson, City Councilmember, Berkeley
Igor Tregub, Commissioner, Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board
Shawn Kumagai, City Councilmember, Dublin
Arun Goel, Vice-Mayor, Dublin
Teresa Keng, City Councilmember, Fremont
Sara Lamnin, City Councilmember, Hayward
Elisa Marquez, City Councilmember, Hayward
Dan Kalb, City Councilmember, Oakland
Victor Aguilar, Jr., City Councilmember, San Leandro
Benny Lee, City Councilmember, San Leandro
Corina Lopez, City Councilmember, San Leandro
Jeffrey Rosen, Santa Clara County District Attorney
George Perezvelez, Vice-Chair, Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, AD-15
Gabriel Quinto, City Councilmember, El Cerrito
Mark Williams, AC Transit Director, Ward 4

Kevin Dowling, Former City Councilmember, Hayward
Ken Rawdon, Member, Board of Trustees, Hayward Unified School District
Valerie Arkin, Pleasanton Unified School District Trustee
Mark Miller, Pleasanton Unified School District Trustee
Joel Fried, Former Delegate, AD-16, California Democratic Party
Rena Rickles, Former Councilmember, Emeryville; Past President, Alameda County Democratic Lawyers
Jamie Yee, Trustee, Pleasanton Unified School District

Legal Professionals

Tara Flanagan, Alameda County Superior Court Judge
Victoria Kolakowski, Alameda County Superior Court Judge
Wynne Carvill, Alameda County Superior Court Judge (Retired)
Marian Gaston, San Diego County Superior Court Judge
Julianne Scott, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge
Lilla Szelenyi, Alameda County Workers Compensation Judge
Monique Carter, Deputy Public Defender, San Diego
Cynthia Sevely, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge
Cyndi Hendrickson Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge
Jonny Gogo, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge
Julia Alloggiamento, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge
Solomon Chang, San Diego Office of the Primary Public Defender
Asit Panwala, Assistant District Attorney, San Francisco; Past President South Asian Bar Association
Elizabeth Harrigan, Assistant Public Defender, Contra Costa County
Kimberly Almazan, Environmental and Art Law Attorney
Therese Cannata, Environmental and Land Use Attorney
Steve Tidrick, Past President, Alameda County Democratic Lawyers Club
Raymond Gerba, Attorney
Dustin Collier, Worker's Rights Attorney
Louis Goodman, Criminal Defense Attorney
Glen Robert Olson, Civil Litigator
Karl Olson, First Amendment Attorney
Thomas O'Toole, Business Transactions Attorney
Shel Schreiberg, Attorney
Bryan Schwartz, Civil Rights and Employment Attorney
Dennis M. Sullivan, Attorney
Elliot Silver, Criminal Defense Attorney

Community Members

William Amputch
Carolyn Carter
Richard Escobar
Danna Gillette-Pascal
Rabbi Art Gould
JB Leibovitch
Lily Leung
Karen Mahoney-Wilson
Srinivasa Manapragada
Claudia McCormick
Annabel Molano
Tom Nguyen
Y. Armando Nieto
Gisele Paradis
Rosemary Reynolds
Roman Reed
Aurelio Salazar Beltran
Valerie Sopher
Randy J. Wright
Marchon Tatmon

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